(603) 716-1614 | steve@stevesoriginalsauces.com
(603) 716-1614 | steve@stevesoriginalsauces.com
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About SOS

Attention Shoppers: Our online store will be closed from July 31st - August 7th while we are on vacation. If you need sauce during that time, then place orders now in order to receive your sauces on time. Any orders placed while we are gone will be processed after August 8th. 

Born in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire in April of 2018. Chef Steve brings you his original flavors to complement your cooking and barbecuing  wants.  

Steve offers delicious sauces for all your cooking needs. Are you looking for a marinade for your chicken or pork, maybe your smoked brisket or ribs need an updated sauce. Steve’s has very versatile sauces. Glaze a ham or brush some on your holiday turkey.


 Are you looking to find our products? Click HERE to open a google map of all our locations, Farmers Markets and Events.